(Kathy at age 60)

Thank you for visiting my online Soul Soothings store!  I have a story to share with you.

Actually, we all have stories that convince us of who we really are.  We also have the power to change our stories... I AM LIVING PROOF.

In 2009 I nearly died.

Four of my organs almost completely shut down, I stopped assimilating any nutrients from food, and had such crippling degenerative arthritis in L4, L5, and S1 in my spine two different doctors with two different sets of x-rays said I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. 

With no hope left from western medicine, I turned to Jim Reese, a brilliant naturapath known for saving lives by natural means for more than 30 years.  With his help, I started coming back to life.  He did tell me, however, that the "rebirthing" process of my body, which could take years, may bring up some old issues or diseases, as the cells have memory.

Sure enough, in 2011 I developed breast cancer. (Back in the 1980's I had cervical cancer, which was removed through surgery because I didn't know then what I know now.) A big lump. Doctors wanted to remove it surgically and give me chemotherapy.

Instead, I called Jim, who said not to worry.  He instructed me to start massaging my breasts daily out to the axillary nodes with the organic fresh wheatgrass juice I was making every day and the zeolite product I was taking internally.

(Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals at volcanic sites. When taken in liquid form in water, they create a honeycomb matrix "magnet" for heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals, which are then easily removed through the urine).

So for three weeks I used both, internally and externally, until the lump was completely gone. 

Yes, in only three weeks.  Never to return. 

I still take both internally... and in my educated opinion you should, too.  (The zeolite is available on this site as Waiora NCD2, and you can usually find fresh organic wheatgrass at healthfood stores and certain grocery stores.  Please only use fresh organic wheatgrass, and drink it within 15 minutes of making it.  No powders or frozen, as they have a 2% efficacy value vs. 100% efficacy.)

All this pain and anguish had been caused by STRESS.  Ongoing stress from a variety of work and personal sources, where I had lived in "fight or flight" for many years. In 2009 my body said "enough," and began shutting down. 

(When we are in fight or flight, only the hormones cortisol and adrenaline are produced... while the 39+ other hormones we need to be produced on a daily basis to support our organs are not.  Our sweet bodies that love us and work so hard to keep us going can only take so much of that.  Yes, stress really DOES kill.)

Fortunately, at the 11th hour and with a lot of hard work, my life was saved.

In 2013 I wanted to help others with what I had learned along with my previous education and experience, so I wrote and published my book "The Power of Know - 30 Days of All-Natural Ways to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit."  In 2016 I earned a certificate in whole food, plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.


I have also been a Bach Flower™ therapist since 1998, teaching people how to handle their emotional states through the 38 Bach Flower™ essences.  These are 100% safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, do not interact with any medications, do nothing to the body, (unlike essential oils), and merely assist emotional states.  Had I not had these flowers essences through my health ordeal, I would not be alive today, of that I am sure.  (All the Bach Flower™ essences are available on this site.)

My healing took nearly seven years... and I still do all the things in my book to maintain and manage my health and stress levels so they stay at optimal performance. 

Today, in my 60's, I am pain-free with no evidence whatsoever of the former degenerative arthritis, have taken no medications for over two decades, have tons of energy without coffee, caffeine, or stimulants of any kind, look younger in my 60's than I did in my 50's, and love nothing better than to help others understand they can feel like me, too - no matter what is going on in their lives. 

One day in late 2015, while driving down the road, my lovely deceased Mother's voice entered my head.  She said, "Sweetie, it is time for you to open your shop now" - a thought I had been playing with for years to help others.

I cried and thanked her, as it felt - FINALLY - exactly right.  Within only a few weeks, my brick and mortar Soul Soothings shop was born.

Within a short time articles about Soul Soothings were published in local magazines and newspapers, word-of-mouth spread, and customers began coming from all over upstate NY to shop, learn, and have a free cup of the best organic, wildcrafted, herbal, caffeine-free tea ever.

Others from out of town begged me to create an online store so they could also benefit from the research I put into each product to assure safety and paramount quality.  (I continue to research all the time to bring in better and better products as they come on the market.)

So here YOU now are, for whatever reason that guided you to a site filled with love, education, experience, and all-natural HEALTH. 

Enjoy.  I am grateful for you, I live to help you, and know that I love you.

To YOUR Health!

Big hug, Kathy ♥♥♥


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