Microessential Labs pH Tape - Sale - Only 10 Left!

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This Hydrion pH Paper provides excellent color separation in both the acid range (below pH 7) and the alkali range (above pH 7).

Commonly used to test urine and saliva, it offers an easy to read, single color match at every .2 to .3 interval from pH 5.5-8.0.

The color chart has pH matches at [5.5][5.8][6.0][6.2][6.4][6.6][6.8][7.0][7.2][7.4][7.6][8.0]

Each roll provides for approximately 100 tests. 

Directions: Simply tear off a small strip of pH paper, dip into the test solution, (urine stream or saliva in spoon), and then instantly compare the resulting color with the matching pH color chart.

Humans need to live in pH balanced, or slightly alkaline bodies for optimal health. 

Sadly, most Americans today are acidic, which invites disease.  This is an easy way to monitor how YOU are doing!

To your health! ♥♥♥

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