Ruff on Bugs - Best Organic Insect Repellant for Dogs - 4 oz.

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Ruff on Bugs® all-natural ORGANIC formula shields your dogs against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives, and replaces risky chemical spot-on treatments and pills!  Made with the freshest organic essential oils and non-GMO booster oils, it is 100% plant based and contains nothing but safe, healthy ingredients.

Easy to use - spritz on, just as you would apply an insect repellent to yourself!  We humans don't take chemical pills or apply spot-on treatments to ourselves to deal with bugs... why would we do it to our dogs?

Did you know the goal of most common flea and tick products is to make your dog's blood literally poisonous to bugs so that bugs die when they bite your dogs?  We have to consider the dangers, over time, of putting poisons in our dogs' bloodstreams.  Yes, these once-monthly pills or treatments are convenient, but at what health cost?

The good news is we truly can protect our dogs without hurting them!

Ruff on Bugs® was formulated with a world-renowned holistic veterinarian with care for best effectiveness for your dogs!  Our ingredients are proven effective against mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, gnats, flies, and other insects.  Unlike alcohol based formulas, Ruff on Bugs® isn't "vapor activated" - meaning it doesn't quickly evaporate.  Therefore, it is long lasting!

Ruff on Bugs® is made just for dogs and is perfectly safe around cats - but is NOT FOR USE ON CATS.

(Sorry, kitties... but stay tuned for Ruff on Bugs® for Cats!)  ♥♥♥

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