The Power Of Know - 30 Days of All-Natural Ways to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit - SIGNED BOOK BY AUTHOR Kathy Ozzard Chism - Sale - Only 11 Left!

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* Do you feel bombarded by all the info "out there" about health and natural healing, and don't know what to believe?

* Are you feeling stressed - some, most, or all of the time?

* Are you overweight, or unhappy with the way you look and feel?

* Do you suffer from depression and/or self-worth issues?

* Do you suffer from any chronic disease or pain?

* Are you in a relationship or job that does not support your highest good?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. Welcome to THE POWER OF KNOW, a wonderful, all-natural journey of health and healing.

In this book you will learn simple, easy, and fun ways to take your health and well-being to a much higher level - without drugs, without spending a lot of money, and at a pace that works for you.

This 30-Day Program simplifies much of the health information "out there." It gives you truths for healing in concise, easy-to-read "Wisdom Snacks." Prepare to be surprised, educated, inspired, and delighted.

We humans have made being healthy so difficult, but when you have THE POWER OF KNOW, it can be easy.

Ready to transform? Let's GROW! In Health, With Love and Gratitude, Kathy ♥♥♥

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